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Catherine Marks is a force! The London-based award-winning producer answers Antonia Gauci and Julie Kerr's many questions

In 2001, Catherine J Marks found herself in Dublin as part of her degree in architecture. Having being involved in music during her formative years, learning and performing classical music, Catherine branched out into contemporary music. After joining some bands here and there, she took up a degree in architecture and decided to do her placement in Dublin. A hive of creative activity, Catherine met many inspiring artists and creators, including members of U2 and Irish band The Frames. One night, she met producer Flood and apparently told him she wanted to be like Britney Spears. "Well, that’s never going to happen but if you want to do something in music, maybe you can come and work for me?" Catherine eventually returned to Australia to finish her degree, and then moved to London to work with Flood. She started out making tea and vacuuming floors. From there, Catherine has gone from strength to strength. She has been nominated for a Grammy and in 2016, won Breakthrough Producer of the Year at the Music Producer's Guild Awards. She is a wealth of knowledge, a creative and artistic force and one heck of a role model for any Australian young people who want to produce and engineer great music. Catherine took some time to talk to Music Love's Julie Kerr as well as Australian producer on the rise Antonia Gauci (Studios 301) about women in music, her musical path to date, gear (of course), and her quest to champion women in rock. 

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Antonia Gauci on being a producer: don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t make it happen

Antonia has worked at many of the finest studios in Sydney helping document the sounds of Alison Wonderland, Cold Chisel, and more. She also is a songwriter, performer in a few different musical outfits, producer and radio host for radio station FBi on a show called THUMP. Music Love was lucky enough to catch Antonia in the middle of her very busy schedule for a quick chat about being an enginner, her favourite Australian women in music and the time rode his wheely suitcase from one side of Studios 301's courtyard to the other, 

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