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Meet country artist Sarah Leete. She's just released her first single, but is as savvy and determined as all get out. She'll be around - just like her country star heroes - for a long time yet

There are big things to come for Sarah Leete. Her musical pathway so far has been peppered with stepping stones that have made her ready to make her mark on the country music scene in Australia. She's humble, honours the sisterhood that have gone before her - both here and in the US - and is now ripe for the picking.

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Aleyce Simmonds encourages aspiring artists to remember it's “100% OK to be your own person, to run your own race, and not to compromise that for anyone.”

Award winning country artist Aleyce Simmonds has one of the most moving voices and her songs cut straight to the heart. And this week, she has a conversation with Fenella Henderson-Zuel to talk about bearing her soul in her music, her passion to see other other people achieve their dreams, and her musical career so far.

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