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Sophie Koh: Being independent has had its ups and down. But I’m still here. Mainly because I’ve taken charge of my music career from the very start

Sophie Koh has been writing, recording and performing music most of her life. Impeccably and flawlessly classically trained on the piano, Sophie branched out into the indie-pop scene in her early twenties. In 2003, at 23, Sophie won triple j's Unearthed competition while living in Darwin. From there, Sophie has continued on to great things, having many songs played on popular television shows Grey's Anatomy, Neighbours and Home and Away, as well many television appearances herself on Rockwiz, Spicks and Specks and even Neighbours. Winning international songwriting competitions, and playing and working with Australian household names like Ben Lee, Jimmy Little and The Church's Steve Kilby has been par for the course. Sophie gave Music Love this interview about her musical and medical pathway so far, her new album, and how surprised she was that some tracks from Book of Songs have ended up on popular radio. 

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Abbe May says we should listen to Hayley Couper. Abbe May is right! Meet the dreamy pop rocker from Tasmania

Go digging for music by Hayley Couper and you will come up with just two songs. The guitars, the drum mix, the voice, the soul and the pure gritty grain is reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac, PJ Harvey and Florence Welch. Heartbeats was released in 2012 on triple j's Unearthed and received rave reviews. It's been a long time between drinks and her latest release Caught Up came out in December last year. And it is a truly great track. More music is coming soon, thankfully, and the pop-rocker has just released a music video for Caught Up. Hayley has been around for a while, winning a spot on the Falls Festival bill thanks to triple j Unearthed, and playing more festivals and gigs and featuring here and there. Abbe May loves her. Hayley took some time to chat to Music Love about her plans for 2017, life in Tasmania and how Fleetwood Mac is her religion. 

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Alanna Eileen creates music that will still your heart and take your breath away

Alanna Eileen's voice is pure and warm. Somehow both gentle and powerful, the sound of its refrains has the power to simultaneously move you and stop you in your tracks. Raised by a musical father, Alanna has spent countless hours immersed in classical and traditional music, escaping to the orchestra as a teen on a Friday night, and committing her time to learn ancient ancient Irish, Scottish and English folk songs. It is never a good idea to compare artists with other artists, but the comparison must be made between Alanna and Jewel, but not in a token way. The comparison is made to highlight that Alanna Eileen, while similar in tone and spirit to Jewel, possesses a rare gift that could grace any stage in the world and silence audiences night after night. 

Alanna took time to talk with Music Love all about her dedication to her craft, life in Australia and her upcoming full length release which she recently recorded in New Zealand. 

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Asta: It's important girls feel like they can be who they want without the pressure of looking or sounding a certain way

Asta Evelyn Binnie-Ireland was born in a tiny town in Tasmania called Cygnet which last reported a population of 839 people. In 2015, Asta told the Sydney Morning Herald that she grew up in a "small hippie country town", where she was either painting in the nude or parading around in elaborate costumes. Her passion for art, performance and costumes never faded, and at 17 Asta won triple j's Unearthed High competition. From there, the indie-pop artist went on to support Ellie Goulding on her Australian tour in 2016. Today, at 22, Asta is preparing to headline her own Australian tour, after releasing a funky tune called Shine late last year. The tour of the same name kicks off in February, along with her debut EP. Despite being a regular on the festival circuit as well as the aforementioned support slot for Ellie Goulding, and five years in the spotlight, Asta has only released a handful of singles. (A track that particularly stands out is a ballad called Wild Emotion - make sure you listen to the acoustic version. Scroll down for the video). Her fans are understandably pining for a solid collection of songs, and if Shine is anything to go by, the new EP will have been worth the wait. Asta feels as though she’s finally found her sound and sat down with Music Love to talk about her tour and EP, and what it was like to follow Ellie Goulding around Australia. 

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Stephanie Eslake had an accident that transformed her classical musical career so she became a music journalist and founded CutCommon magazine

Stephanie Eslake is from Hobart and was on a pathway to becoming a classical saxophonist when an accident at work in her casual job left her hand permanently damaged. But instead of letting her affliction inhibit her musical aspirations, she turned to music journalism. n 2014, she founded a magazine called CutCommon to mobilise the classical music community for young Australians. Just two years on, the magazine has 10,000 monthly readers. Stephanie was just named the City of Hobart Australia Day 2017 Young Citizen of the Year.  She took the time to talk to Music Love about her varied and busy life in music.

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Meet Angharad Drake: A beautiful dulcimer playing folk artist who gets her RM Williams boots wet

Angharad Drake has been making music since high school. The Sunshine Coast based singer, songwriter and producer has five recordings under her belt. And she is only 24. Her music is a nod to UK singer/songwriter and lady boss Laura Darling as well as Argentinian indie-folk sensation José González, but Angharad is most certainly an artist in her own right; not contrived or mimicky in the slightest, like some modern folk acts tend to be.  Angharad took some time to speak with Music Love about songwriting, her influential family, and how she got her RM Williams boots wet in her music video for Baby while filming in Somerset Dam, Queensland.

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