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Peta Jeffress and Gabriel Wagnberg met in Sweden and created electronic duo Peta & The Wolves. And they are a modern-day musical match made in heaven.

Peta Jeffress has never given up on her musical endeavours, and her commitment to hard work and exploring her artistry is truly admirable. She sat down with Music Love's Julie Kerr to talk about her childhood musical classes and how wonderful it was to meet and work with the formidable Gabriel Wagnberg and create a wonderful modern electronic music act Peta & The Wolves.

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Kristal West releases a brand new song on Mabo Day, for her grandfather Eddie Mabo: "I felt a strong desire to find my ‘real’ voice, rooted in family, history and culture."

We first Kristal West in 2014 when she sang a rendition of Justin Bieber's As Long As You Love Me with her singing partner Zac Fielding as part of their duo ZK. Their voices and soul compelled to turn his chair and coach ZK through to the finals. One of the stand out performance of the season was a heartfelt outpouring to Aboriginal people everywhere, where the magical duo sang John Lennon's Imagine against a stunning backdrop of traditional indigenous dancers and musicians.Three years later, Kristal has decided to embark upon a recording of a group of songs to celebrate the life of her grandfather Eddie Mabo in the 25th anniversary of the High Court native ruling. Kristal is a Murray Murray Island woman and refers to her grandfather as Ata. As such, the EP set for release later this year is called Remembering Ata.

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Meet Lara TenHoorn, the vocal coach who is so much more than a vocal coach. You'll wish she was yours.

Lara TenHoorn has been teaching singing for years. Based in Sydney, she has helped refined the incredible voices of many artists and is filled with encouragement, patience and faith for each of her students. Extremely passionate about the voice and the science behind the voice, Lara still gets blown away by some of her student's natural tones - something that is bestowed upon at birth, and not something that can be taught - and desires to make everyone the best vocalist they can be. Lara is so much more than a singing teacher. She also films and produces videos of her students performing so they can add it to their social media profiles and video channels, creating beautiful sets and vocal guidance as well as divine editing and production touches. A more committed teacher would be hard to find. Lara speaks with Music Love about the science of singing, what a typical day looks like, some of her star students (too many to mention!) and some things students do (or don't do!) that really gets her goat.  

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