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Lucy Mason, the Australian ex-pat living in London, is kicking so many musical goals, including a very recent performance for the Queen

Lucy Mason made the brave move a few years ago to make her musical mark in London. While there have been dark and dreamy days (check out the piece she wrote for Music Love here), Lucy is continually kicking goals. Just last week, the singer/songwriter from Sydney's Northern Beaches was asked to perform at the Queen's Baton Relay which is the official launch of the Commonwealth Games held at Buckingham Palace. She performed her new single Hunger before fellow Australian Cody Simpson took the stage to sing I Still Call Australia Home, and then took the Commonwealth Games baton into a Kombi, apparently all the way to the Gold Coast. It was all very Australian with legends like Anna Meares in attendance, and what an honour it was for Lucy Mason to perform for such a crowd. She looked gorgeous shrouded in Chanel, and her winning smile. Lucy has been on a big musical journey the past few years with some ups and downs, but keeps managing to land these great opportunities, her talent for songwriting and her effortless, powerful voice clearly paving the way. Lucy is about to release her second EP called Going Home Broke and spent some time chatting with Music Love about Buckingham Palace, her new music, and how she dreams about her two favourite Northern Beaches cafes.

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Music, visas, scholarships, journals. Tamara Hansson on what it's like to be an Aussie ex-pat in New York

Tamara Hansson is a singer and songwriter who has lived in London and Ney York in pursuit of her musical career. While only spending six months in London, Tamara has created a wonderful life for herself in New York City having lived there now for six years.

As we discovered with Lucy Mason, life abroad as an artist is no mean feat, filled with dark and dreamy days and Music Love truly admires all of the musical ex-pats living overseas away from the comforts of home and the wonderful experience of a daily flat white that many of us take for granted. Tamara spoke with Music Love about her life in New York, what visas and scholarships she applied for and won, her upcoming US tour, and spending Christmas Day in LAX after some unfortunate flight cancellations.

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From dreamy days to dark days. Lucy Mason writes about being an artist in London.

Lucy Mason is one of many Australian musicians and artists living abroad in their quest to expand their musical opportunities. London, New York and Los Angeles are common destinations for Aussies wanting more opportunity than our large but lightly populated country provides. Hailing from Sydney's northern beaches (Showbox Coffee in Manly regularly features in her dreams) Lucy made the decision about four years ago to take the plunge and move to London. Lucy has supported Jamie Callum and Matt Corby, recorded two EPs and her rendition of Amazing Grace featured on Channel Nine's drama Gallipoli in 20. With a brand new EP being released within the next month or two, we thought it would be good to check in with Lucy to express the highs and lows of a musical life in London. 

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Starley nearly walked away from music & wrote a song in her despair. She now has 13 million monthly listeners

Starley Hope was jaded by the music industry. She had been working away writing, recording and trying to make a go of it. A common tale for the aspiring musical artist. She had moved to London (not easy - Music Love will feature more stories and testimonies of artists trying to make their way in London and NYC soon), and the outlook was pretty bleak. Hopes dashed, she decided to write one more song. S

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