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Kate Miller-Heidke on her stunning new album recorded with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra: "I'm really proud of it. It represents the pinnacle of what I ever thought I could achieve with my music."

In this conversation with Music Love's Julie Kerr, Kate Miller-Heidke says the times when her musical pathway has been a bit bumpy, have motivated her to keep creating and making new works. And that's why we love and admire her discipline and talent - who, by the way, has a heck of a lot more to offer. 

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Episode 6: Leanne de Souza has managed Thelma Plum, Kate Miller Heidke and more, is head of Artist Managers Association, and is the founder of a very cool festival. But that's not all.

Leanne offers many fascinating insights given her history and experience as a manager for artists such as Thelma Plum, Kate Miller Heidke and more. She isn't managing artists anymore, but is the Executive Director of Association of Artist Managers in Australia, the founder of the Rock and Roll Writers Festival, a board member for the Queensland Performing Arts Trust, and a student in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander studies. Her biggest passion is definitely making indigenous artists central to our music scene. No matter if you are an artist or a manager, you are bound to learn something from the wonderful Leanne de Souza. 

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