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Kate Miller-Heidke on her stunning new album recorded with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra: "I'm really proud of it. It represents the pinnacle of what I ever thought I could achieve with my music."

In this conversation with Music Love's Julie Kerr, Kate Miller-Heidke says the times when her musical pathway has been a bit bumpy, have motivated her to keep creating and making new works. And that's why we love and admire her discipline and talent - who, by the way, has a heck of a lot more to offer. 

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For the first time in 60 years, the costumes, accessories, artwork, and memorabilia from the vaults of Opera Australia will be opened to the public.

As we have come to know here at Music Love, Opera is definitely not just a singing style. Not only does a tremendous amount of preparation go into learning a new language and a very long and detailed script for a performance, there is a monumental amount of work spent on very elaborate costumes adorned by the talented men and women who are the stage.Now, a rare opportunity has arisen because Opera Australia is finally making it possible for all of us to fully appreciate these costumes. For the first time in 60 years the costumes, accessories, artwork and memorabilia from the vaults of Opera Australia will be opened to the public.

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Award winning soprano Emma Matthews on the future of opera in Australia: It is an eternal art form, as long as it's treated with respect... it will always be there

Emma Matthews is an opera singer who has been performing for nearly thirty years. Emma is a soprano with incredible acting skills who made her debut in 1991 and has never looked back. As a young artist the legendary Dame Joan Sutherland declared Emma Matthews one of Australia's best opera singers, and today that is nothing short of the truth. Emma has received more Helpmann Awards than any one else. To date, Emma has performed in over thirty operas all over Australia. The critically acclaimed and highly decorated soprano's latest endeavour is the starring role in Bizet's classic opera The Pearlfishers with Opera Queensland. Shows commenced this week and run until 3 June, and by all initial accounts, Emma is stronger and more striking than ever. A vibrant, passionate, and extraordinarily gifted and trained musician, Emma took some time out of her busy rehearsal schedule to speak with Music Love about all the preparation that goes into an opera, a life on the road, some advice for aspiring opera singers, and her thoughts on the future of opera in Australia. 

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