UPDATE: The wonderful Jacqui Louez Schoorl has been added as a panellist to our Vivid Ideas event! She is nothing short of a powerhouse. Our interview here!

Jacqui Louez Schrool

As the countdown to Music Love's Vivid Ideas event Pathway to Platform continues, we have been interviewing the panellists to give everyone a head start on just how much gold there will be on Saturday 10 June in Sydney. (By the way, did you know The Sydney Morning Herald, Collective Hub, Broadsheet Sydney, Vice and Pedestrian TV have all highlighted our event as one to be at?). So far we have profiled Vicki Gordon, Shefali Pryor, KLP, and our performers, Iluka, and Sophie Koh. Today we bring you Jacqui Louez Schoorl.

Where does one start with Jacqui? Firstly, she is without a doubt the loveliest and kindest person one could ever hope to meet. Ask anyone, and they will verify this claim. On to the professional stuff. Jacqui is the CEO and co-founder of Jaxsta, which is a huge music database. It hasn't launched yet (but is set to this year), and the idea was conceived by Jacqui in 2013. As the website reads, "With the evolution of digital music we've lost the 'jacket' that used to come with the album. Our mission is to track down the people behind the music. From radio to roadies, artists to producers, photographers to video directors. Jaxsta will be the credit roll for our industry."

So needed, and so exciting. Jacqui is also the founder of a wonderful networking group in Sydney for women who work in the music industry - Women in Music Sydney. If you are in Sydney, you need to jump on board and come to the events and be part of this group to keep informed of all the wonderful things happening with women in music. 

Before Jaxsta and Women in Music, Sydney, Jacqui was kicking goals all over the film and music industry. Jacqui’s career spans two decades, encompassing roles in project development, physical production, post production, film distribution and marketing, for the likes of Channel 9, IF Magazine, George Lucas and Rick McCallum on Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, JJ Town Films, Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin on their Chanel No. 5 campaign and creating music videos and working as a marketing guru for EMI Music. Plus, she is an advocate for Alzheimer’s Australia NSW Dementia. 

We are thrilled Jacqui is coming along as a fifth panellist to our Vivid Ideas event Pathway to Platform on 10 June, 2017 in Sydney from 9-11am. Tickets are selling quickly, so make sure you subscribe to Music Love and get 25% off the ticket price. 

Jacqui took some time out of her very busy work and travel schedule to answer some preliminary questions about her life and work in music and film. Enjoy the taster and we'll see you at Vivid. 


What does music mean to you?

Everything, it is the soundtrack to my life. My late father was a jazz drummer, my mother a singer and I'm married to a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and record producer extraordinaire. I couldn't live without music. It quite literally gets me through the day.

What is your wildest musical dream?

I've ALWAYS wanted to go on a major tour - even just for two cities to experience that buzz of everything from sound-checks to tour bus shenanigans. I have a feeling it would be as much fun and as exhausting as being on location on a film shoot (my previous life). 

If I could sing, it would be to perform with the grace, poise and magnificence of Adele at something as special as the GRAMMYs.

What elements make a great Australian music video?

It's all about the story and doing the best work possible when it comes to production qualities. I think the location has very little to do with it - it’s entirely about the production team and director behind the video.


How will Jaxsta help music makers?

Credit where credit is due is our mantra. Firstly being credited for the work you do is kind of everything. It helps to build your repertoire and often helps get you that next gig. Also people knowing what you've worked on is key. It's like LinkedIn on steroids for our industry. So long overdue.

Jacqui at a Women in Music Sydney event. Picture via Women In Music Sydney

Jacqui at a Women in Music Sydney event. Picture via Women In Music Sydney

Who are your favourite Australian women in music?

Oooh there are sooo many.

Milly Petriella - Director Membership Services at APRA AMCOS - I don't even know where to start with Milly, she's beyond extraordinary. From her work with SongHubs - the inspiring songwriting camp program - to the amazing work she does with writers behind the scenes. Milly inspires me daily.

Millie Millgate - Executive Producer of Sounds Australia - Millie's endless passion and belief in Australian Music is undeniable. I don't think there are many people in our industry who could say they are as dedicated and self-sacrificing as Millie is for her beloved industry, particularly when it comes to independent music. 

Maria Amato - GM and CFO of AIR - a power of knowledge, passion and determination. Maria is a true champion for Independent Music in Australia.

Fifa Ricobonno - Former CEO of Alberts - a mentor and dear friend who was the first female CEO of a music company in Australia.

Maree Hamblion - Sony/ATV A&R Manager - what Maree has done behind the scenes for writers and artists in this country is BEYOND incredible . She's an absolute powerhouse and has some of the best 'ears' in the business; her talent for spotting 'talent' is undeniable.

Leonie Conley - Specific Music and 50 Songs in 5 Days - Leo and her hubby Robert have set up this country’s greatest songwriting camp which has empowered so many careers.

Jessica Mauboy and Tina Arena for their strength, grace and inspiring work ethic

Jacqui at two Women in Music Sydney events. Pics via Facebook

Who are your favourite Australian non-musical artists?

From a fashion perspective, it's We Are Kindred - their designs are so effortlessly feminine and when I'm wearing their clothes I feel amazing. I wore a dress of theirs to last years ARIAAwards and I can not tell you how much I LOVED wearing that dress. It made one of the best nights of the year for our industry even better (for me) :).

From a film perspective, there are simply too many great directors to choose from so I would put the spotlight on Emile Sherman. As a producer the work he produces is so powerful and have become some of my all time favourite cinematic experiences including The Kings Speech, Lion, Rabbit-Proof Fence and Oranges and Sunshine amongst so many other prolific films.

What is your favourite place in Australia?

Oooh that's like asking me what's my favourite album, song or artist.

If my life depends on it then I'll pick Sydney and more specifically Cremorne Point for too many personal reasons to mention but I will share it's where we scattered my beloved father's ashes.

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