Wilsn has just released a brand new song which is pop gospel gold. Listen to Love Me Back now.


Shannon Busch was one of the first artists to be featured on Music Love. The artist who goes by the moniker Wilsn had released a six track EP Don't Give It Up in 2015 which exemplified her incredible prowess as a bonafide soul artist. With a voice that embraces runs, trills and tricks to rival any RnB singer, paired with Wilsn's songwriting filled with nothing but soulful vibe, vibe, vibe, Wilsn immediately became one to watch. Earlier this year, Wilsn left Australia for Nashville and many have been eagerly awaiting to hear what was to come next. And here we are today. Wilsn has released a fresh new pop track called Love Me Back. This song takes the artist in a brand new direction. Piano chords, gospel inspired background vocals, pop sensibility, and earnest lyrics with universal appeal, means Wilsn has placed herself in a brand new league. And we can't wait for more.  

Wilsn, Love Me Back

Love Me Back is out now. Follow Wilsn on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter